If I drink turmeric or tea daily, will I lose weight?

Answer 1 :

If you drink it unsweetened…

And if you drink it instead of sweetened drinks that you have been habitually drinking for the period of time in which you’ve been gaining weight …

And if the difference this makes in your calorie intake is sufficient to put you into a caloric deficit

Then yes, you will lose weight.

Otherwise, no, you will not.

Answer 2 :

Hi There,

Drinking Tea or Turmeric alone will not help you much on your weight loss journey. Consuming these foods will help you speed up things but only if combined with the below mentioned.

Always remember, the success to weight loss is this.

Answer 3 :

You may, but it won’t have much to do with the turmeric or tea.

In order to lose weight, you need to expend more energy than you get from your food. Basically you need to eat less (not too little though, weight loss should be slow and gradual) and/or move about more.

It’s generally difficult to lose weight by exercising, and easier to do it by limiting the amount of food you eat. We’re pretty energy efficient beings so exercise doesn’t use up that much energy, and we get more hungry through exercise so it’s easy to overeat in compensation. Exercise is good for health in other ways though, so it shouldn’t be avoided.

answer 5 :

Over 13000 studies confirm turmeric tea can reduce up to 1 pound of fat in 1 day[1]. Don’t get surprised. No blanket statements of course. The turmeric along with pepper and ginger- the ingredients used to make this tea will turn your body into a fat burning machine. Turmеrіс tеа is made wіth turmeric rооt оr роwdеr along with a couple other fat burning natural ingredients.

Since centuries turmeric has been an integral part of the Indian kitchen shelf. Start taking turmeric tea today and assess your before and after weight loss after a week. Stay prepared for a pleasant surprise. But, however like everything else this too requires a proper technique. It isn’t rocket science but there is a method for preparing turmeric tea for weight loss. Read on for complete info on how to lose weight naturally at home with minimum effort.

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