7 Surprising Body Facts

7 Surprising Body Facts Your Doctor Never Told You Before

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The body of the human will always amaze our self and this is truth which will not change. Anybody experience that the body of us will give different experience in different situations. This is what I felt, this is my routine, I think all of you may have the same experience.

There are small incident happens in our life I mean go through our life which makes amaze at once and you might thought about it deeply. You might feel strange, is that your body or anything which is performing too many functions at the same time without any clue.

Here we have shared the amazing facts of your body which many surprise you.

  • Every human present in this world was once inside a mother womb I mean in woman’s body.
  • Don’t ever choose a man with big dick because you need to check his small testicles too.
  • Your mouth and butt are similar in the working procedure.
  • Armpits are stinky.
  • Human body is totally a machine. You can drink milk and chocolate then right after that your body will turn it to pee.
  • You might know that your elbow can’t tough your hand at all.
  • There is no need to poop for weeks because you will look like pregnant women after that.

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