After all that holiday eating and treating, my new year’s resolution is to be healthier and take better care of myself. So this year, I am starting my mornings right with this extremely easy-to-make, apple cider turmeric detox drink.

As the name may suggest, this drink consists mainly of apple cider vinegar and turmeric, and it also has some lemon juice. Each of these ingredients are powerhouses on their own, so when they come together magic happens. Yes, magic.


Apple cider vinegar is kind of amazing. It has a long list of proven benefits including:

  1. boosts immune system
  2. acts as a cold remedy (it soothes a sore throat and clears a stuffy nose!),
  3. boosts energy
  4. prevents indigestion
  5. regulates blood sugar level
  6. lowers cholesterol
  7. reduces risk of heart disease
  8. may prevent cancer
  9. benefits the skin (it acts as a dandruff treatment and a skin toner to clear acne!)
  10. aids in weight loss!


AND turmeric is also incredibly amazing. Here’s just some of the reasons why:

  1. it’s a strong antioxidant (it can improve skin conditions and delay aging!)
  2. it has strong anti-inflammatory effects (including helping with arthritis)
  3. it acts as an anti-depressant
  4. it prevents and treats cancer
  5. it improves brain function
  6. it lowers the risk of brain disease (including Alzheimer’s disease!)
  7. it lowers the risk of heart disease

Like I said, magic. Just imagine the combination of these two in your body. Fireworks. But I am not going to lie, this stuff does not taste very pleasant. It’s the kind of drink that I plug my nose and gulp it down. I guess you just can’t have it all!

John Says : I replaced the cayenne with cinnamon. Used stevia for sweetness. Added an orange peel to the warm water for a nice cinnamon orange flavor. Tastes like orange spice tea with a tangyness that is pleasant. Definitely will be a perminant addition to my morning. Hoping to reduce my waistline!

Kate says : This tasted very interesting… not my favorite lol but given all the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, turmeric and lemon, I am adding this to my morning ritual. Thank you for such an easy recipe.

Helemy says : That’s great for when you have a cold and it does remind me of my grandmother for some reason. she would make something similar just minus the turmeric/haldi.

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