Creepy Things

Creepy Things Children Said To Their Parents

Children are the true innocence and the purity which you can’t find anywhere. Tell me who won’t love the honest smile in the children and they are purest souls in the earth. Even there are some situations where they can do creepy things to laugh at them.

You can experiment these things if you have children. Here we have shared on online stories as said by the parents. Then you check them now.

  • A 3-year-old child holding a plastic hammer and going to hit his mother

He was near to hit her with hammer then his dad said that not to hit her. The kid said “I was not going to hit her and then murmured that if it was a iron hammer then I would definitely.

> A 3 year old Kid said some Horrifying things


Am man with his son visited his friends home to see his new born baby. His son says these words after seeing the baby “When will that baby die?”

The same son was younger then he talks about the women who was with him for long time and was missing her. Finally his father seen him in the same room and asked him why he was there? His answer was “I was lying down with the women stayed here”.

A Young Kid Said these things to his Mother

“I love you mommy and you are the best mommy now. You are truly a gem like my last mother. I want you to stay with me and be my mommy forever”.

A brave daughter said these things to her father”

Her father was changing her dress and the door was open. Then she pointed her middle finger towards the door and said that there is a man standing outside the door with the snake neck. The man was surprised because he was set the man with snake neck and daughter wasn’t scared at all.

> A kid said these lines to his grandmother

The kid was playing closely with her grandmother then took her palm with his hands. Then he said that she is very old now and will die now.

A girl said these horrifying things to her father.

She asked her father that can he remember the date they died?


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