I don’t often write about weight loss on my blog, but I’ve had a few Moms ask me about how they can help their child or teenager lose weight.

My heart goes out to all of them. I know that as a Mom, the last thing you want is to see you child struggling with weight issues, especially if it is affecting their confidence and self esteem. It’s a difficult subject because you don’t want to highlight an issue already causing them stress and there are so many conflicting opinions on how to approach the subject.

I was an overweight teenager growing up so this is a subject that means a lot to me, and it’s something that has stayed with me all the way into adulthood. The lack of self confidence and body image issues still haunt me. I hid these emotions from my family during those years, but secretly I yearned to lose the weight. I just didn’t know where to start.

Our Real food lifestyle as a family has meant that none of our four children have had to deal with this, but it’s a growing social issue that is becoming very real for a huge percent of our youth and if you looking to help your child lose weight, I hope that you seriously consider  signing up for my 31 Day Real Food Family Challenge (live on the blog end of May 2017). It’s not designed to be a weight loss program, but it’s a series of small lifestyle changes that will transform your child and family’s health – and help them lose weight at the same time.

We all know that there is no overnight fix or miraculous weight loss program. But there are small habits that you can put in place to help your child lose the weight starting from right now!

Soda is the scourge of our children’s generation. Research suggests that our children are drinking 30% of their daily calories in the form of soda and fruit juices (yes fruit juices). Simply replacing these empty calories with a vitamin enriched, zero calorie drink will immediately cut down unnecessary calories and boost your metabolism.

Each of the ingredients in this Detox Water Infusion contributes to it’s fat burning prrties:

1) Green Tea –  helps burn fat easier and better (read this post on how green tea aid weigh loss)

2) Mint – A natural sweetener that aids digestion, calms the stomach, helps with inflammation and is great for bad breath (read more on the health benefits of mint here)

3) Lime – The health benefits of lime include weight loss, clear skin, improved digestion & relief from constipation and they help with urinary disorders– (more about Why Limes are good for you here)

4) Water – I’m not going to go into the benefits of water, because they are a lot. A LOT. But for the purpose of weight loss, water has two vital benefits: Firstly, improved hydration increases your metabolism by allowing your body organs to function effectively  and secondly, simply replacing sugary drink with zero calorie water infusion drastically cuts unnecessary daily sugar and calorie intake.

I know that it’s often hard to monitor what your kids are drinking and eating during the day, but I definitely have some great tips on getting this Detox Drink plan in action:

1) Make your home a Soda Free Zone. Don’t keep it in your home. This way your children won’t have to choose between drinking soda or water.

2) Infuse a big pitcher of this drink and leave it in the fridge so it’s ready to drink whenever they feel thirsty.

3) Add it to their school water bottle to sip on during the day.

4) If your child’s is a little older and want’s to be proactive in losing weight (I know a lot of Mom’s are reluctant to talk about this with their kids, but it may be a relief to them to know that they are taking action) then I suggest letting them take control of making up their drink bottle or water infusion for the fridge. The more involved they become, the more likely they are to follow through.

5) Drink this with them. Don’t go sippin’ on soda and expecting your child to not feel as if they are missing out. Do this together with your child. The health benefits are amazing, even if you don’t need to lose the weight.

I hope that this has been helpful, and I would love to know how this strategy is working for your child or if you have any others that you can suggest. There are a lot of Moms who would appreciate help on this subject.

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