IPhone is one of the most used Android devices around the world. People are eagerly waiting for the release of iPhone 7 and iOS 10. The iPhone 7 will come up with sim card unlock options. This will make the user use their local sim card worldwide.

Benefits of Iphone Unlocking Iphone 7

  • The user can use any local sim card while traveling to abroad.
  • Users also any SIM card and GSM carrier in the country.
  • After unlocking your phone will provide better contact with another carrier.
  • You can get more money for unlocked iPhone 7 because it is more expensive than the locked iPhone 7.

SIM Lock

SIM lock is nothing but blocking the carrier or network to use only one particular network and also to avoid searching of another network. All the GSM phones and iPhones come up with this features only.

Methods to Unlock Iphone 7

In the past, there are few possible ways to unlock iPhone but now only one possible way available.

Unlock iPhone 7 by using Software one of the better idea among all. For the complete iOS version up to iOS 6.1.6 at free of cost. Some extend iPhone 7 can’t be possible to unlock using software. In hardware unlock method the success rate is not up to the mark. It causes few problems and also does damages on your phone. It will lead you to lose your warranty. So this idea couldn’t match for unlocking iPhone 7.

Some sites advertising about unlock iPhone for free of cost. It is dumb, and try to spam your iPhone 7, or they demand money indirectly from you. So check before visiting that kind of sites.

So the only way to unlock your iPhone 7 with official IMEI number of your iPhone. This method recommended for unlocking iPhone 7 around the world.  To execute this process, you must know your IMEI number of the iPhone 7.

Steps To Unlock Iphone 7

  • You must know correct IMEI number of iPhone 7 to be unlocked.
  • Model of iPhone.
  • Then you must know the network name that has locked your iPhone 7.
  • Get your blacklist status of your iPhone 7.

For newly bought iPhone 7 you need not check for the network carrier and blacklist and all, just follow the IMEI unlock iPhone 7 procedure. You need the check for used iPhone 7 some details like the blacklist, network name previously used to unlock the iPhone from the locked condition.

Used Iphone 7 Can Blacklist For Following Reasons

  • Unpaid bills.
  • Involved in spam or illegal activities.
  • Reported for loss of iphone7.

To unlock used iPhone 7 go for ICloud Activation Lock. This ICloud activation can be removed only by the original owner of the iPhone 7. So you must check before buying the used iPhone 7 because it is risky to unlock used iPhone 7 without knowing the network and original owner. They only have access to deactivate the ICloud activation lock.

If you don’t know your iPhone 7 IMEI number, you can get it by typing *#06# from your iPhone it automatically showed on your display. Else go for the settings option and choose General and click about to view your IMEI number.


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