Mariah Carey is getting body shamed for having weight loss surgery

Mariah Carey may be the ultimate queen of Christmas, but that hasn’t stopped body-shaming trolls from coming for her over a hugely personal decision she made about her body and her life. Unfortunately, this kind of trolling is nothing new for the 47-year-old singer.Back in December, Carey was seen looking slimmer — she allegedly lost 25 pounds thanks to a recent weight loss surgery.

According to ET sources, the singer underwent surgery earlier in the fall, but waited until winter to show off her figure. We have to admit, she looks happy!Carey reportedly got gastric sleeve surgery, which shrinks the size of your stomach in order for you to eat less.

Sources say her decision was a long time coming because of the insecurity she’s always felt about her weight issues.

“She always fluctuates and it makes her upset,” the source said. “She lives in denial about it; she has the tags cut out of clothes, so she can be blissfully unaware of her size.”Body shamers and “cruel online commenters” were two of the main reasons Carey chose to have the surgery.

Aside from simply wanting to feel more comfortable with her body, the singer reportedly felt scrutinized by people constantly critiquing her weight fluctuations.She *really* had people talking when she appeared on the red carpet at last week’s Golden Globe awards.

People couldn’t get over her slimmed-down figure in her tight fitted dress, which soon led to whispers about her alleged surgery.Mariah Carey 1999 vs 2018! #GoldenGlobes

You cant be serious. As a surgical nurse for 25 years and having performed gastric bypass, sleeves & other bariatric procedures, its RIDICULOUS to think she was a candidate for this. Hollywood is so concerned with women?! What about #FatShaming #bodypositivity #hypocrisy at best.Mariah has yet to officially confirm the surgery rumors, but she’s supposedly in a much better place now.

“She is very confident about her appearance now,” the source explained. “The change to her diet was an adjustment at first for her, but she’s doing really well keeping up with it. She’s in a very good place with her health and her life.”

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