Turmeric For Weight Loss: Superfood That Burns Fat

When you’re trying to lose weight, you want to make sure you are doing it in the safest way possible. There are a lot of different synthetic weight loss pills with high claims and low results on the market. Even more, though they may aid in weight loss, there is no telling what these pills do to the overall health of your body. Using natural ingredients can assure that your body is going to remain at its optimal health as you lose weight. Though turmeric is not an end-all to weight loss, it does play a large role in your body’s ability to lose weight. Adding turmeric to your diet, while continuing with an exercise program, is a great way to continue reaching your weight loss goals.

So, now that you know you should add turmeric to your healthy lifestyle plan, let’s talk more about what it is and the specifics of what turmeric does for your body. Especially, how it aids in weight loss.

What Is It?

In the United States, when you think of turmeric, you probably think of it as the spice that gives curry its bright yellow color. And this is true. In India, and other areas of the world, however, it is so much more than that.

Turmeric is a plant known for its rhizomes. While most people may mistake the useful part of turmeric for a root, it is actually a rhizome, which is essentially a stem that grows underground. Turmeric is in the same family as ginger. In fact, if you saw the two growing together, you’d have a hard time telling them apart. They are both known for their rhizomes.

In tropical climates, you can propagate it yourself simply by burying a piece of the rhizome. A shoot will spring up and the rhizome will grow underground, adding other pieces.

For commercial use, the turmeric rhizome is processed into a powder. Typically, the rhizome is boiled and then dried in hot ovens. Finally, it is ground into the powder used as a spice with a characteristic deep yellow-orange color.

It is most commonly used in India and other areas of southern Asia, and there it is referred to as “the golden spice of life.” In India, they adore turmeric for its therapeutic and medicinal uses, as it holds properties with great health benefits.

In our kitchens, it is most commonly used as a spice. However, because of the many beneficial properties of turmeric, it has also been known to be used as a healing agent. The many benefits turmeric has on the inner parts of the body also allow it to play a role in weight-loss.

Turmeric’s Many Benefits that Aid in Weight Loss

Okay, so now we will get to the heart of this article, and what you really are interested in knowing. Specifically, what it is about turmeric that will help you lose weight. Here are the many different benefits of turmeric and how they relate to weight loss.

Turmeric Lowers Bad Cholesterol

The properties found in turmeric help lower the bad kind of cholesterol, which functions in direct correlation with weight loss. High cholesterol and weight gain or loss work hand-in-hand. You have probably heard your doctor say that losing weight will help lower your cholesterol, but the opposite occurs as well. Lowering your cholesterol will have a positive impact on your body as you are in the process of losing weight.

Turmeric Detoxifies the Liver

This is an extremely vital and beneficial way turmeric helps you lose weight. Let me explain. The liver is responsible for many things in the body, including aiding in digestion. However, one of the main functions of the liver is metabolizing fat. In other words, the liver breaks down fat and remove toxins from your body. In order to do this effectively, however, the liver needs to be cleansed.

Turmeric detoxifies the liver. In other words, cleanses it, allowing the liver to perform its duties at an optimal level. Thanks to turmeric, your toxin-free liver will be able to get rid of fat in your body and help you lose weight!

Turmeric Improves Digestion

Do you have unwanted fat hanging around your midsection? Do you ever experience bloating in your stomach, especially right after you eat? Well, I have some good news. Turmeric can help get rid of all of that! There are properties in turmeric that help improve digestion. When your digestive system is working well, it can speed up your metabolism, which will help you shed excess fat, especially in the stomach area. It will also help relieve any pain caused by excess bloating after you consume a meal. This is just another way turmeric is beneficial for weight loss.

Turmeric Helps Regulate Your Metabolism

There has been a lot of talk about metabolism and the positive effects turmeric has in relation to the speed and function of your metabolism. Metabolism refers to various chemical reactions in your body that are responsible for keeping your cells and organs alive and working well. It’s pretty important.

In relation to weight loss, your metabolism is responsible for taking all the food and drink you consume and turning it into usable energy. When your body is performing these functions, it is burning calories; hence, playing a part in your weight loss. These are calories burned “at rest,” meaning not when you are performing a physical activity, such as going on a run. This is called your metabolic rate.  It is important to know, however, that you can increase your metabolic rate or the number of calories your body burns at rest, by increasing the amount you exercise. This would be what is commonly referred to as speeding up your metabolism. So though turmeric does help regulate your metabolism, for optimal results, it’s best to start or continue an exercise program as well.

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